Sisters of Hagar

A Woman of Faith Sisterhood

"Whatever my plight or circumstances may be, I can be secure in Christ"
Christain women will have a better understanding of who we are in Christ,
given the following, but not limited to roles bestowed upon us as
daughters, wives, mothers, caretakers, bread-winners, teachers,
and children of God that will create a bonding relationship of trust, support,
camaraderie and respect among women.

As a result of study, discussions and workshops, we will acquire
a better understanding of God's plan for us as women and more pointedly,
Christian women of color, so that we will learn to love the woman in each of us,
find our voice and veiled with the Holy Spirit, seek to become all that God
meant us to be before the foundation of the earth.

All women are welcomed.
Please join us every 3rd Tuesday of the Month ~ 6:30pm

Deacon Martha Walker ~ Ministry Leader