Lord I Lift Your Name on High!

The IBC Music/Worship ministry’s purpose is to strengthen the worship and spiritual vitality of Immanuel Missionary Baptist Church by keeping God in the center of the ministry, through music that is biblically based and theologically sound.

 Ministry Vision and Strategy
(“Without a vision the people perish” – Proverbs 29:18)
Our vision is to participate in the mission, message and ministry of Immanuel Missionary Baptist Church.
Our strategy is to share with our congregation the attributes of God by ministering music thematically, in a way that will engage the whole person -- mind, soul & body (language/expressions), resulting in renewed passion for the worship, witness and work of Jesus Christ.
In obedience to Ephesians 5:19 (Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord), we are energetic about–and absolutely encourage–both singing and learning of the great hymns of the past and their history. We foster hymn singing as one of our current expressions of worship.
In obedience to Ephesians 5:21 (submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God), we also seek to hear God when listening to one another, when sharing our experiences with God, prayer and ministry, and when supporting the spiritual growth of this ministry. We trust God who leads; we work to help each other follow. The IBC Music/Worship Ministry is open to all who have the spiritual conviction to share their musical gifts/skills with the IBC congregation.

Min. William H. Acosta ~ Organ & Keyboard
Jerry Singleton ~ Drums
Daniel Lomba ~ Guitar
Grady Johnson ~ Bass Guitar

The Praise Hymn Singers are charged with the responsibility of leading and teaching the congregation in the singing of two hymns—the Processional Hymn and the Congregational Hymn of the Month—each Sunday morning. There are three teams (A, B & C). Rehearsals focus not only on preparing musically, but on learning the history and author(s) of each hymn with corresponding scriptures. The Praise Hymn Singers give you a wonderful learning experience and great spiritual inspiration! 

The Liturgical Ensemble (LE) is a selected group of worshipers who encourage and support the heartfelt singing and worship of the congregation by reinforcing melodies through the beauty of deliberate, artistic dance.

The LE accompanies singing with dance while attending to the vocal harmonic movement of melody in particular. The LE is
accompanied by stringed instruments such as the guitar, piano and/or harp.

The Liturgical Ensemble ministers as assigned by the Minister of Music during any worship service.

The Vesper Singers 

The Children's Choir

The Youth Praise Dancers

The Mass Choir


          Our Minister of Music

Minister William Acosta

William Acosta has served as our Minister of Music since 2006. He is responsible for the overall growth and development of the church’s Music Ministry, both administratively and musically. He is responsible for assembling a conjunction of musicians and choirs to travel to Pastoral speaking engagements, as well as preparing worship music for Sunday mornings, special events services, and anniversary concerts . William served as Music Coordinator for the Music Ministry at Mount Aery Baptist Church in Bridgeport from 1996-2006. He began his tenure on the musical staff in 1984. William also served as head musician at St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Bridgeport for 10 years (1986-96). In addition, he has spearheaded “The Praise Syndicate,” an autonomous traveling instrumental music ministry comprised of musicians with whom he has worked over the years. The Praise Syndicate has provided the studio music on the recordings of several area Gospel artists, and in 1994 the band was recognized as “Best Instrumental Gospel Group” by the Connecticut Christian Artists Alliance. 


   Assistant Min. of Music
 Gayle E. Singleton
Gayle currently serves as Assistant Minister of Music. She has served at Immanuel since 2007. As Assistant Minister of Music, Gayle is responsible for researching, selecting, voicing and teaching a variety of music that is presented by the Music Ministry during Sunday morning worship, as well as other church functions and programs. She leads Praise & Worship on Sunday mornings. She is choir director for Immanuel's Mass Choir, IBC Choir, ERB Choir, Men's Chorus, and Summer Choir. Moreover, she is responsible for teaching songs and ensuring precise harmony parts to the Praise & Worship teams, Hymn Singers and the Liturgical Ensemble. She is also responsible for choreographing the Liturgical Ensemble.